June 25, 2012

Me-Made-Monday June 25

Following the positive experiences and learnings of MMM '12 (on which I will dedicate a longer post in the near future), I decided to kind of stick with this challenge by wearing me-made at least once a week. Monday is the best day for this since I usually sew something new during the weekend and then end up wearing it on Monday to work and of course, it also makes a neat alliteration :)

The blouse I was wearing today is actually not new but I reworked it this weekend to make it wearable. The pattern is from Patrones #282 pattern no. 17. It's a nice pattern but the neckline is cut so wide that it kept on slipping of my shoulders. In order to fix this problem, I added 2 more pleats in the front and 1 box pleat in the back, thereby taking out 4 cm in the front and 2 cm in the back. It's already much better but I'm debating taking another 2 cm out in the front since it still does not sit right.

The outfit I created around this blouse consisted of:

Navy cardigan: H & M
Scarf with horses: H & M
Brown pants: Zara
Brown shoes: Deichmann

 Did you wear anything self-made today?


  1. I was thinking of doing the same thing, dedicate one day to wearing me-mades.

    Your top looks great and I like the outfit you built around it.

  2. I think this is a very good idea!!