May 07, 2012

Me-Made-May '12 Days 3,4,5 & 6

Outfit day 3:

Blazer: Me-made from Burda October 2008 no. 131 
T-shirt: Me-made from Burda February 2009 no. 118 
Black pants: H & M 
Necklace: Made by a friend of my colleague

I don't wear both me-mades as often as they deserve. Both patterns are great and I plan on using them again.

Outfit day 4: 

I was not in love with that outfit, both me-mades have been unworn for quite some time for a reason. The waistcoat is way too tight and the T-shirt's neckline is too loose and shows too much skin when I bend forward. So I will give them away after this challenge.

Waistcoat: Me-made Franzi from
T-shirt: Me-made Knipmode July 2007 no. 5
Jeans: Only
New shoes: Deichmann

First outfit day 5:

My casual outfit for preparing my housewarming party and running errands on Saturday.

T-shirt: Me-made from 1-piece-kimono-tee pattern from
Jeans: Only
Old ballet flats: Deichmann

Second outfit day 5:

Hostess outfit for my housewarming party including me-made melon-serrano-skewers.
Dress: Me-made from modified Lydia pattern from
Scarf: H & M

Outfit day 6:

On Sunday I was a little tired after a great housewarming party yesterday. I was invited for lunch so I had to get dressed up. Otherwise I would have spent the day on the couch.

Jacket: Me-made from my own pattern blogged here
T-shirt: Me-made same as on day 1
Jeans: Only
Scarf: H & M

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