May 01, 2012

First day of Me-Made-May and a pillow sweatshop

So, I woke up in me-made pyjama pants this morning from my all-time favorite pattern no. 127 of the December 2007 issue of Burda. I like that they are not as shapeless as regular pj pants due to their darts in the front. However, the pattern is quite fitted and thus I went up a size to be more comfortable. The camisole is bought from H & M.

Picture thanks to Burda

Today, it was a friend's birthday and I was invited to coffee and cake, so I got a little more dressed up than I would usually do for a bank holiday. I pulled my 2 favourite me-mades out for today, which you will see a lot more during May. The striped T-shirt is cut from an old T-shirt of my mom using the Lydia pattern from The denim skirt is from the March issue of 2008 pattern no. 114, which I already made before. Sorry for the blurry picture, I need to work on taking better pictures of myself. 

Besides drinking lots of coffee and eating lots of cake (3 pieces to be exact), I also started a pillow sweatshop today. Since my house-warming party is next Saturday and I want my apartment to look as good and finished as possible, I made 3 pillow cases from different stash fabrics. The teal one is made from leftover Ikea fabric, the one with dots is not self-made but from Ikea, the brown one is made from an old Ikea planket, and the beige one is made from thriftstore fabric. Seeing them all together I'm not sure that I like it, are they too colourful and mismatching? What do yout think?


  1. Hi! Just found your blog, and I have to say, I LOVE your pillows! I don't think they are too colorful or too mismatching at all and I'm not usually very brave when it comes to colorful, mismatching things. I think they compliment each other wonderfully.

    1. Thank you Molly, you make me feel more comfortable about the pillows. I guess it just takes some time to get used to them :)