May 20, 2012

2 weekends of sewing madness...

Wonder what I have been up to the last two weekends? I locked myself in my sewing room and this is the result:

1st weekend:


PJ's made using my favorite pyjama pants pattern and the free Sorbetto from Colette. This time I just gathered the additional fabric instead of sewing the pleat, makes it into a nice flowy top perfect for hot summer nights.

This blouse might look familiar to you since I have used the pattern before. I'm still a big fan of this pattern but I probably won't need more than two of this, right?

Unfortunately, I also produced a huge failure, model 1 from Patrones 302 minus the asymetric sleeve. It looked so good in the magazine and also when Jacquie from Home Made Couture made it. But it just doesn't work for me, it gaps at the neckhole and the armholes and the pleats are just too close together for my liking. Nevertheless, I'm still liking the idea of a top with asymetric pleats, I guess I just have to draft it myself next time.

2nd weekend:

Yep, you are seeing right, another Sorbetto top. This time I only stitched the pleat at the top and left it loose at the bottom since I just had a small piece of fabric to work with. Fabric is polyester and I have to admit that I only used it because I got it free from work. I'm a polyester hater and this top is not turning me into a convert. Thanks to its electrostatic charge it clings to the body and makes my hair all static. Not sure whether I should keep the top or not. 

The next blouse is made from pattern no. 120 from Burda June 2007. I graded the pattern down to a size 36 and it's a well drafted pattern with a great fit. The tie can be left loose or tied to a bow. The cotton fabric is thrifted and I used glass buttons from my stash. You can read my pattern review here.

And now to my favourite piece of the bunch, a minidress made from purple cotton satin from pattern no. 11 from Patrones #289. I actually made this pattern before in dark blue, talked about it here but never showed the end result. OOPS...

The dress is quite short but I think it works because it is pretty shapeless, I will just add some stockings for wearing it at work. I love the pleating in the front and back and I added 5 rows of topstitching at the neckline and hem. Actually, I'm loving it so much that I will wear it to work tomorrow. You can find my pattern review here.

What have you been up to this weekend? Did you get some sewing done?

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