April 15, 2012

Thrifty finds and burda style May 2012

So I went thrifting with a friend on Saturday, the results of which you can see on the picture above. Fortunately I cleaned out a lot of stuff I don't need anymore after my most recent move and brought it to the thrift store which kind of justified getting "new" stuff. I'm really excited about the things I found, the travelling bag is in really good condition and big enough for a weekend trip and it cost only 2.50 €. How fitting that my yearly family reunion with a stay at a hotel is next weekend. The book, the German version of "In cold blood" by Truman Capote, looks brand new and was only 60 cents. The seventies style fabric is almost 3 m and was a steal at 1.20 €. I'm thinking about making a sixties style a-line jacket from it (like jacket 112 from October 2010 issue of Burdastyle)...or maybe a skirt? What would you make from this fabric?

And also the latest issue of Burdastyle arrived and features some nice patterns that I can see myself making and wearing.

Here are my favourites:

I'm really liking the lines of this jersey dress, however it seems to me that it is more of a fall/winter dress and thus does not really fit into the issue. Nevertheless, I will bookmark it for when it gets colder. 
The pleating on this skirt is adorable but I'm not sure about its high waist and might modify that. It's also nice to see the skirt made up in solid and printed fabric in the issue, both works well with this 
Pictures thanks to burdastyle.de
Another skirt, this time wide with pleats. This pattern might become a new go-to-again-and-again pattern if its fit is right. I can totally see it in denim, printed, bright coloured,..... fabric.

What are your thoughts on the latest issue of Burdastyle?

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