April 14, 2012

Me Made May... count me in!

After following all the me-made and self-stitchted challenges that Zoe of So, Zo has posed over the last years, I finally took the plunge and will be participating in the next one starting in May. I'm really excited about this because I have been seriously reconsidering my consumption lately and am trying to buy less...much less. I think the challenge will be a good opportunity to see which me-made clothes actually get worn a lot and which ones are missing in my wardrobe. Since I have already been sewing for a long time, I decided to wear 2 me-made items during each day in May. In addition, I will sleep and work out in at least 1 me-made item.

How about you? Are you taking part in this challenge?

If you want to know more about Me Made May just click on the icon on the right side.

Have a great weekend!

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