March 11, 2012

Current fashion obsessions

Sorry, still nothing new to show. My sewing mojo has been on vacation today and all seams turned out wonky so that I gave up and will continue another day. However, my head is filled with new ideas and things I want to create for the upcoming spring/summer season, that's why I want to share a few with you.

I'm currently in love with peplums...well who isn't right now?

 Left: Jason Wu; Right: Giorgio Armani 
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Also very in right now...dip backs. Don't know whether I would go as extreme as the first example but I can certainly see myself wearing a short skirt with a less pronounced dip back.
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Another obsession are colourful pants, I think they brighten up every outfit and are certainly still missing in my wardrobe. I do have a nice pink denim that I might turn into slim pants. However, I always have a hard time getting the fit of pants right, nevertheless they will probably have a better fit than store-bought pants.

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What are your fashion obsessions for this year's spring/summer?

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