February 10, 2012

Fabric trends spring / summer 2013

Also for the upcoming season (spring/summer 2013) at work we visited the Munich Fabric Start that I already told you about here. It's always interesting to see the trends of the new season upfront even though most fabric suppliers are not finished at that time with their collections and the actual trends usually emerge during the season. Nevertheless, I want to give you my impression of the coming and enduring trends.

Just like last time there was an abundance of flower and animal prints. Seems like those will keep on following us for a long time...time to sew something from these prints? 

Other prints that are not completely new but seem to endure some more seasons are Hermes inspired prints with chains and reins, photo prints with faces and letters, prints with butterfly wings or small butterflies, and colourful inkjet prints.

Although, feather prints have already started emerging during last winter season, they are still my favorite and I'm itching to sew something from one of those prints.

And of course prints conjuring up images of vacation and summer time could not be missing...ranging from safari to jungle images.

The only prints that felt very new to me were scarf prints, unfortunately they seem to be that new that I could not find a picture of one of those prints. However, I detected them at the spring/summer 2012 collection of D&G who dedicated the whole collection to these prints. Nonetheless, it seems quite difficult to create slim fitting garments around these square prints without destroying the beautiful prints. 

What are your thoughts on those trends? Which prints will you implement into your spring/summer wardrobe?

Have a nice day and happy sewing!


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