May 04, 2010


My master thesis is finally progressing. Today, the application made its way back to the examination office after being lost for several days. This was a tremendous relieve because I already saw myself having to do it all over again. Final deadline is at the beginning of September but I have not even started to write yet. Currently, I'm working my way through "mountains" of literature but I should seriously get started soon.

Also, my survey about "Do It Yourself Fashion" is finally online. You would help me tremendously, dear readers, if you could fill it out and communicate it further. The survey will only take a few minutes. 

Thank you for your support! 

1 comment:

  1. congratulations on your thesis, i just finished mine (environmental literacy) the writing process will just pour out of you once you start!
    i also have a short 20 min video for you to check out. it is called the story of stuff (just google it). if you have not seen it, i think that you may find it very interesting and possibly relevant to your thesis.
    good luck