May 15, 2010

2nd week Wardrobe Refashion

Another quick and easy project...a few seams later and the top was done. The pattern is from Burda March 2009 pattern no. 138. The tops consists of only 2 pattern pieces and is gathered at one side with a brooch. A very comfortable top but I might take it in a little underneath the arms just like I did with the last top I made. What do you think?

The next sewing projects I have planned will probably be a little more work as I need something to wear for potential job interviews (for which I have not applied yet :) Preparing for my first real job after college is exciting and scary at the same time. And I want to at least look good and be comfortable with what I'm wearing. But don't worry, I plan to stick to my Wardrobe Refashion pledge and to show you something I made or at least refashioned each week.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Hi Julietta!

    I took your survey last week and am glad to have helped! I was wondering would you be interested in exchanging patterns? I love this top as well as the last top you did but do not have a subscription to Burda ( although after seeing you work, I am planning on getting it now ). Anyhoo email me if your interested in an exchange!

  2. Hi there,
    I just discovered your blog. Love that top!