May 09, 2010

1st week Wardrobe Refashion

Yeah, I did it again...I pledged for another 2 months not to buy any new clothing over on Wardrobe Refashion. You can find my pledge here, I don't want to bore you by posting it again. Even though I have breaks in between each pledge, it has certainly changed my consumption patterns and makes me reconsider each purchase. Zoe from "So, Zo what do you know" has written a great article about her reasons to take the pledge in Mixtape zine. And it expresses exactly how I feel! The excitment of having bought something new wears of so quickly and usually makes me feel slightly guilty when bought in the usual high street chain stores. As a student I can unfortunately not afford anything more expensive. Shopping at thrift stores on the other hand only makes me feel good about my purchase. So, I'm determined to sew even more of my wardrobe and shop more at thrift stores.

This top is my project from the first week of wardrobe refashion. (Excuse the snobby look on this picture) The pattern is from Patrones 276 and I used a lightweight lilac cotton fabric with a woven-in pattern. This is certainly one of the easiest tops I've ever made as it only consists of 3 pattern pieces. Here are some more detailled pics:

I only had to take it in under the arms around 6 cm. At the following picture you can see the pattern modification. The result is a supercomfortable top perfect for summer. I would sew it again maybe in a plain fabric as it a really easy and quick project.

Please take a few minutes of your time and answer my survey about DIY fashion needed for my master thesis. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Beautiful top! Thanks for the comment, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed and related to my article. I think the pledge is such a valuable challenge. All the best and happy sewing! x