April 02, 2010

Latest read - Freakonomics


I'm usually the type of person who only reads novels in her free time as I have to read enough non-fictional and technical books for my study course. This book is certainly an exception. I first got it from the library because I thought it might help me in understanding consumer behavior but I quickly noticed that it was not what I was looking for. Nevertheless, I read the whole book in a short time as it is as entertaining as a novel.

Ever thought about why drug dealers are still living with their moms or what teachers and sumo ringers have in common? Me neither, but this book answers these bizarre questions in a very entertaining way backed by factual numbers. The authors certainly present a different point of view on everyday life and focus on the micro- rather than the macro-economics. A very interesting book where each chapter presents a new theory and backs it up by stunning facts.

Happy reading!

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