March 23, 2010

Having a good day and thrift store finds

Like the headline already mentions, I was having a pretty good day today. After much considering, I finally verified my topic for the master thesis with the professor of my choice. And I was surprised to hear that he was thrilled about the topic and liked the facts that made me sweat the most, in particular that nobody has written about it as far as I know and that corresponding literature is hard to find. To make it official, I have decided to research the movement of DIY fashion and its influences on the fashion market for my master thesis, so if anybody knows about literature that could be helpful for me, please let me know!

And what better way to celebrate a good beginning than to go to the thrift store. I finally found some in the city I live, which was quite difficult as thrifting is not particularly popular in Germany. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as second hand articles are usually really overpriced in Germany. In case you are looking for thrift stores in Germany as well, here is the link to their website. The good thing about the unpopularity of thrifting is that those working in thrift stores don't seem to know the real value of what they are selling. All items I bought are definitely vintage somewhere from the 60s and 70s. My yield for the day:

  • Leather purse 4 €
  • Blue silk scarf 2 €
  • Orange scarf 1 €
  • Aigner leather belt 1 €

I'm particularly proud of the last item as Aigner is a highly valued German designer label, however I think that it is nowadays available worldwide.

I hope that you are also having a great day!

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