February 15, 2010

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy"

Picture taken at the coast of Calais

I started the new year with many plans and good intentions but somehow life got in the way. Better described as exchange semester or the writing of a 10 page report at least once a week... and all that in French, so I'm still super-slow and way behind my work load. I thought that French have more "savoir vivre" and that studying here would leave me more time than at home. But no, the opposite is the case, studying here is more time consuming than a fulltime job.

And of course I have to do lots of travelling and get distracted by a certain charming French boy... that’s just what an exchange semester should be like ;-) Last week I have been at the beach of La Panne (Belgium), at Calais and Bruges. I can highly recommend a visit to the latter. I have only been in Bruges for several hours at night time (dinner to be exactly) but I was impressed by its charm and wished I had more time there. I will definitely have to visit it again!

This week I have actually holidays but I will probably spent most of the time catching up on my school work. Hopefully, I will get to sew something new, I really miss it. Do you also feel out of balance when you have not sewn or been creative for some time? That's at least how I feel right now.

Let me tell you a little about my plans for this blog and life in general. Beginning of March I will return to Germany and start again at my old job at the bank. The 10 hour per week schedule will leave me enough time to write my master thesis and hopefully some more to do more creative work. In general, I plan to create more patterns myself (I used to be fairly good at it) and sew more. I will try to work on a business wardrobe as I will hopefully find a real job as soon as I’m finished with studying. This of course means for the blog that you will get to see some how-to’s on patternmaking and sewing techniques. And I have plans to post more regularly, fingers crossed for that one :-)

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  1. I do start to feel unbalanced when I haven't sewn in a while! Life is just so boring if I don't make anything!:) Beautiful picture!