February 28, 2010

Sunday bookmark no. 2

Picture thanks to Weekend Designer

Although, I have sewn quite a lot in my life, I never really got into sewing bags besides the easy shopping bags such as the Charlie bag from Burdastyle. Somehow all the detailing, metal notions and required stiffness of real bags scare me. But after seeing this great weekender bag tutorial over at the weekend designer I really want to give it a try.

And I still have enough petrol coloured IKEA upholstery fabric left from my christmas gifts that would look great paired with brown (faux) leather. This bag would be perfect as carry on or for short weekend trips, which I do all the time so I really need this!!!

Which techniques or projects that scare you, do you plan to tackle this year?

Happy sewing!

February 27, 2010

The Once-A-Month-Sew-And-Tell Club - February

Although, I already joined the flickr group "The Once-A-Month-Sew-And-Tell club" back in January, this is the first sewing project I got done during this time. Yeah, I had to dance the macarena according to the group rules back in January ;-)
For this easy project I used pattern no. 17 from the Patrones 276. I got to use some supersoft wool fabric leftovers from a coat I made years ago and finished the seam allowances using bias tape. They were so small that I had to leave off the band at the bottom as you can see from the following technical drawing of the pattern (which I actually had to steal from Melissa over from Fehrtrade as I lend my magazine to a friend). Fehrtrade was actually the first sewing blog I started following, you should check it out as it is a great source of inspiration and I'm still amazed by how many pieces Melissa sews each month.

Image thanks to Fehrtrade

I really like how this project turned, it has a little bit of a fifties vibe when worn and keeps you nice and warm. This pattern is great for small amounts of fabric and I would like to sew it again this time with all the pattern pieces. The fabric I used was a little thick for the gathering of the sleeves but I still think that it turned out nicely. The only thing I would change for next time, is to lower the neckline around 2 cm as it is cut quite high in the front.

Do you have any special projects that you sew with small pieces of fabric? Let me know! Happy sewing!

Time to say goodbye...

So, I finally started to pack yesterday afternoon even though I finished school on Wednesday. I'm having a really hard time to pack and leave France for good. It has been quite a rollercoaster ride. I absolutely hated it at first because it was difficult to get to know people at the beginning and now I don't want to go. Overall, it has been an experience I really don't want to miss and I made lots of great friends from many different countries.

Last night I had a goodby dinner with my class mates at a crêpe restaurant (delicious!) and tonight I will go out with some other friends. Monday morning I will leave for good...

Okay, back to packing!

I will post a finished sewing project and another sunday bookmark later this weekend!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

February 21, 2010

Sunday bookmark - the first

Picture The Purl Bee

As there are so many how-tos and craft projects out there, which can be easily missed by the large space that is the worldwide web, I thought I would start a new category of post. Every Sunday I will post a project that I have bookmarked for myself for hopefully future creation. Mainly sewing but also some other craft projects.

This week's project are those adorable felt flower pillows created by the purl bee. She has also posted a great and understandable how-to for those at her blog. As I am quite sick of moving around every 6 to 12 months, I would love to create more things for a cozy apartment. Unfortunately, it will still take me at least another 6 months to get settled for good, so those projects will have to wait a little longer :(

I hope you are having a great Sunday! Feel free to share your own bookmarked projects with me, I would love to discover more!

February 15, 2010

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy"

Picture taken at the coast of Calais

I started the new year with many plans and good intentions but somehow life got in the way. Better described as exchange semester or the writing of a 10 page report at least once a week... and all that in French, so I'm still super-slow and way behind my work load. I thought that French have more "savoir vivre" and that studying here would leave me more time than at home. But no, the opposite is the case, studying here is more time consuming than a fulltime job.

And of course I have to do lots of travelling and get distracted by a certain charming French boy... that’s just what an exchange semester should be like ;-) Last week I have been at the beach of La Panne (Belgium), at Calais and Bruges. I can highly recommend a visit to the latter. I have only been in Bruges for several hours at night time (dinner to be exactly) but I was impressed by its charm and wished I had more time there. I will definitely have to visit it again!

This week I have actually holidays but I will probably spent most of the time catching up on my school work. Hopefully, I will get to sew something new, I really miss it. Do you also feel out of balance when you have not sewn or been creative for some time? That's at least how I feel right now.

Let me tell you a little about my plans for this blog and life in general. Beginning of March I will return to Germany and start again at my old job at the bank. The 10 hour per week schedule will leave me enough time to write my master thesis and hopefully some more to do more creative work. In general, I plan to create more patterns myself (I used to be fairly good at it) and sew more. I will try to work on a business wardrobe as I will hopefully find a real job as soon as I’m finished with studying. This of course means for the blog that you will get to see some how-to’s on patternmaking and sewing techniques. And I have plans to post more regularly, fingers crossed for that one :-)