December 03, 2009

My addiction...

Pattern magazines, especially foreign ones, are without a doubt my greatest addiction. I don't even know how many pattern magazines I have altogether. It all started with a subscription to Burda World of Fashion eight years ago and went on with buying all vintage Burda magazines I could get my hands on from the 60s and 70s. Then I discovered the beauty of foreign magazines, first Knipmode directly from the Netherlands (30 minutes to the Dutch border from where I lived) and finally Patrones available at bigger train stations in Germany.

So it is not surprising that I spent my recent travels (last one last week to Germany again for another job interview) to purchase the latest issues of Knipmode (Brussels train station) and Patrones (Cologne). Here you can see a short overview and my favorite pieces from each issue:

After the disappointment of the last issues of Patrones, the current one is surprisingly good. The pattern description is back on the last pages of the magazine and not how it was before on a fold page just like the patterns. The designer names are still missing on most pages but reoccured on the pages of the children's wear and plus size patterns. There is still hope that Patrones will become its old self again :-)

The december issue of Knipmode is unfortunately rather average. The only interesting patterns I found were the blouse with the "crazy" sleeves and the slim pants which have interesting pattern lines.

If anybody has a great idea on how to organize pattern magazines, please let me know as I have totally lost the overview over my immense amount of pattern. I was thinking about scanning the technical drawings of all magazines but that will probably take some years as they are spread out in the older magazines.

Happy sewing!

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