December 06, 2009

Any given Sunday...

In France, the event of the week certainly is the weekly market. Here in Lille it is every Sunday no matter how the weather is. Which is great because who does not have time on Sundays :-) Unfortunately, today was very rainy but that did not keep anybody from attending. I just love these markets!

If you are travelling to France, you should really find out when their weekly market is at and check it out. French markets are not like the markets you might know, where you can only buy fruits and vegetables. At the markets here you can seriously buy anything and they are a great source for sewing supplies. I'm currently buying all my notions and fabrics at the market for much less than I would usually pay in a store. Today I bought 3 different fabrics, each for 1 € a meter. You can check them out at my fabric gallery.

I hope you are also having a great Sunday!

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