November 16, 2009

First finished creations for Wardrobe Refashion

Oh no, I'm starting with the same bad habit like last time I did the pledge...posting 2 creations every 2 weeks instead of 1 every week. I really need to work on this. It's not that I don't refashion anything, it's just that I'm a little lazy to post.

Firstly, the grey sweater that needed lots of repairing. I used an applique to cover up the hole. It sits a little high on my shoulder but that's unfortunately where the hole's position was at. In order to repair the unravelling neckline, I sewed on a velvet ribbon. Additionally, I also resewed the sleeve seams where they were opening up.

The next creation is not a refashion but sewn from scratch using stash materials. I only had to buy a zipper and lining. Yeah for using up stash materials! The pattern is from BWOF November 2007 pattern no. 105. Like you can see by the pinned needles, it is still not completely finished and needs some hand sewing at the hems and to fix the lining to the zipper. Hopefully, I get this done tonight while watching TV. My plan is to wear it on Thursday at my interview for an internship. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;-)

Even though I already started my next creation, a T-shirt from leftover jersey, I will probably not have the time to post it until next week. I will spend the night after the interview in Germany, as no trains are going back the same day, and then travel with my friends to Paris to spend the weekend there. I sound like such a globetrotter...

Happy sewing and refashioning!

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