October 07, 2009

Daily Outfit

Linen jacket: Camaieu
V-Neck sweater: Camaieu
Scarf: Diesel
Watch: Dolce & Gabbana
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger thrifted
Boots: Deichmann knee high

Time has been flying by like crazy, with no time to write anything on my blog. I'm starting a new category now, showing my daily outfit. As I don't have a full size mirror in my tiny dorm room in France, this is the only way for me to see how I actually look like that day. Sorry about the bad quality of the pics but my room is so tiny that I have to take them from the other end of the room. Let me know what you think!

Most I'm wearing today is from Camaieu, a French brand, which you should definitely check out when in France. They have great basics. I got the jeans for a whooping 8$ at a thrift store while being in North Carolina. Ain't that a steal?

Hopefully, I will find some time this weekend to do some catching up on what has been going on. À plus tard (see you later)!

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