October 11, 2009

Catching up - Part 1 France

As promised, here is a quick overview of what has been going on since I moved to France.

The first 2 weeks here were for introduction and filing all the paper work necessary for starting my studies in France. Quite complicated when everything is in French I can tell you. The introduction weeks were great because the student organization arranged a lot of different events for us such as bowling or picnics. That was a good opportunity to get to know other foreign students and French students that I will be studying with.

In addition, I was lucky enough to be in Lille during the time of the "Braderie". The braderie is the biggest flea market in Europe and takes place every first weekend of September in the entire city of Lille (fourth-largest metropolitan area of France). We spent 8 hours there and I still had not seen all of it. Certainly a crazy event and if you happen to be in the area you should definitely not miss it.

On the first picture you can see what the braderie was looking like. Yes, it really was that full and every once in a while you got stuck like cattle in the smaller streets. On the second pic you can see what I got: 2 vintage silk scarves handrolled and a vintage leather belt. Additionally, I also bought a pair of black flat boots but they are new.

After those first 2 weeks I travelled to the US as my classes were not starting until the beginning of October. I will tell you more about my time in the US in one of my next posts.

Bonne journée et à plus tard!

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