October 22, 2009

Back online

Velvet jacket: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Scarf: gift
Skirt: Selfmade
Tights: H & M
Boots: Jonas K (bought in France)

The internet has not been working for the last couple of days within the whole dormitory and so I was not able to upload any new content on my blog. Today's outfit finally includes a selfmade piece. The skirt is made from grey wool fabric using the skirt pattern 108 of the September issue of BWOF from 2008. The picture also features my new most favorite item, a velvet jacket from Comptoir de Cotonniers, by far my favorite French brand. I bought the jacket in an outlet and so it still was pricy, I just couldn't resist.

I also added a little sneak peek of the dress I've sewn last weekend. Pictures of it will be taken tomorrow as I will wear it when flying to Germany for my fall vacation from college.

Pictures thanks to Burda

See you tomorrow! Have a great day!

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