June 26, 2009

One finished, one half-way done, one more to go

Picture thanks to Lucky Magazine

Finally, you get to see a picture of the jacket I announced some time ago. It took me forever to sew due to limited time and like you can probably tell, I'm still not done with the hand stitching. I'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned out and don't really have the patience for finishing it right now. This creation was inspired by a Diane von Furstenberg jacket, which you can see on the first picture and the pattern was made by me with all the ups and downs. I had to correct some measurement mistakes after I cut out the fabric, which was not that much fun.

Picture thanks to Burda

While I was still working on the jacket I finished this skirt. The fabric is again from Ikea and the skirt pattern is from BWOF March 2008. I really like how it turned out and it was easy to sew.

Picture thanks to Burda

My next sewing project is already cut out. It will be this top from the BWOF July 2008 issue from the white jersey remnant I bought on my last fabric shopping trip. This should be a quick and easy project that I should just be able to finish before my exams start next week.