May 13, 2009

Latest sewing projects

Here you can see my latest sewing projects. The blouse was done last weekend and I just finished the skirt today. For the blouse I used the pattern no. 116 from last year's July issue of Burda WOF. The fabric is a medium weight white cotton, the sleeves are from an eyelet fabric originating from my Mum's stash. You just gotta love relatives that sew too.

Picture thanks to Burda

You might have already recognized that I used IKEA fabric for the skirt. The skirt is just simply gathered with a high waistband and pockets in the side seam. Unfortunately, the fabric lost more than 10 cm in length during pre-washing so it is shorter than I wanted it to be and I had to do a faced hem to "rescue" as much of the length as possible. In case you are wondering what a faced hem is or how it works, here is a how-to from Burdastyle. In contrast to the how-to, I cut my facing on the straight grain due to the straight hem. For the hem and waistband facings and pocket bags I used left-over fabric from the white blouse.

Happy sewing and refashioning!


  1. Love this skirt. Inspired me to make something similar from a dress I just picked up at the thrift store yesterday. THanks!

  2. Nice save with the hem facing!

  3. I linked over from wardrobe refashion. This is great! The top is so flattering on you.

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments!