April 27, 2009

Busy weekend

So the last weekend was filled with much activity. As I told you before my bachelor graduation celebration was on Friday with a big party afterwards. Luckily I could finish my dress on time, sewing the hem an hour before the event. Hopefully I will get the pictures soon, so I can show them on here.

And on Saturday was the annual family get together. We usually all meet at a hotel, enjoy coffee and cake and a nice dinner afterwards. Stay the night, indulge in the breakfast buffet, take the mandatory family picture and drive off in seperate ways. During the day I wore this T-Shirt from the Burda World of Fashion issue February 2009 and in the evening my much beloved wrapdress from the Patrones issue 257.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics. I'm still working on the art of taking pictures of yourself and next month when my new laptop arrives I finally get to play around with photoshop. Once I get better pics from the events I will upload them.

Have a great day!

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